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EnviroBlend is a family of treatment chemicals custom blended to render metal bearing wastes non hazardous.
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Many of our clients find that their total waste managements costs can be reduced by 50% -90%.
EnviroMag SO4

EnviroMag SO4 is implemented on remedial environmental projects for treatment of hydrocarbon compounds in groundwater. It is used as a biostimulant for anaerobic sulfate attenuation of a variety of typical hydrocarbon compound contaminants, e.g. aromatic hydrocarbons, petroleum hydrocarbons, BTEX, and MTBE, in groundwater.  The addition of EnviroMag SO4 promotes anaerobic  biodegradation by providing an electron acceptor.  In many cases, while such acceptors are naturally present, unfortunately the quantities are not sufficient to drive bioremediation or are already depleted.  

Highly soluble EnviroMag SO4 is more chemically and cost efficient than alternative products or methods in both implementation and maintenance phases, while providing a similar or more expeditious treatment time frame. Furthermore, magnesium sulfate is safer to handle and apply, while being simpler to introduce to the substrate, than other treatments.

Case Studies:
A Case Study for the Application of OBC+ to Treat Groundwater Contaminated with BTEX
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