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Learn more about the RE3 Conference. Applied Technologies and Methodologies for the Treatment of Heavy Metals and Organics.
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EnviroBlend is a family of treatment chemicals custom blended to render metal bearing wastes non hazardous.
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Many of our clients find that their total waste managements costs can be reduced by 50% -90%.
Groundwater Applications

 EnviroBlend AQ Products for Groundwater Treatment

EnviroBlend AQ products are the ideal choice for groundwater neutralization and metal precipitation. They provide numerous benefits ranging from significant cost savings to increased alkalinity maintenance over time.  

EnviroBlend AQ products are non-hazardous, environmentally-friendly alkali that can prove superior to its competition by:  

  • Providing more neutralizing power per unit than either lime or caustic soda Typically 25%-60% less product is required to neutralize the same amount of acid.   
  • Provides longer-lasting alkalinity
  • Creating a homogenous pH environment that will not exceed 9.0. At this pH, dissociated hydroxide (OH-) become excellent sources of bioavailable, non-carbonate alkalinity
  • Removing transition metals ions in the form of insoluble metal hydroxides 
  • Being safer to handle, with minimal heat generation if slurrying on-site
  • Reducing labor costs and site time due to lower volumes necessary for neutralization
Typical Slurry Volume Comparison:  

1 Gallon of EnviroBlend AQ Slurry replaces 2.85 gallons of 34% Ca(OH)2  

EnviroBlend AQ  Lime    Caustic Soda

EnviroBlend AQ Products for Groundwater Treatment

Case Studies:

A Case Study for the Application of OBC+ to Treat Groundwater Contaminated with BTEX
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