ENTACT performed a removal action to address arsenic and lead-impacted soils and sediments at a former phosphate fertilizer plant site.

Scope of work included:

  • Sizing, removal, disposal, and/or recycling of 7,000 tons of concrete, asphalt, and debris
  • Excavation of 80,000 cubic yards of impacted soils from an approximately 14-acre area
  • Solidification/stabilization of 13,600 tons
  • Removal, dewatering, and solidification of 1,600 cubic yards of sediment in a freshwater marsh situated in a tidally influenced area adjacent to a river
  • Loading 121,757 tons of non-hazardous soils and 1,000 tons of ACM for off-site transportation and disposal by the client
  • Removal and disposal of 1,132 linear feet of asbestos piping
  • Amendment and placement of backfill in saturated zone areas for groundwater treatment
  • Site restoration including uplands and marsh restoration

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