AES Certified did extensive work in Cleveland, OK, remediating waste from a former refinery that occupied roughly 170 acres of land, plus adjacent impacted areas. Operations from the former Kerr-McGee Cleveland Refinery produced fuel products and operated between 1912 to 1972; crude oil tanks and pipelines were in use until 1995. Portions of the facility were also used to make hydrocarbon products by blending imported hydrocarbons.

Activities at the site included remediation of 86,000 tons of lead-and-hydrocarbon-impacted soils, backfill operations, and site restoration. AES Certified was successful in treating 30,000 cubic yards of hazardous lead-impacted soil with EnviroBlend® to render it non-hazardous for transport and disposal to a local non-hazardous landfill.

Ultimately, this provided a significant cost savings of $2,820,000 for the client. The project was completed on time and within budget.

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