Environmental Remediation Contractor remediated a former firing range which sat on a seven-acre area in the middle of the taxiways and runways of an active airport. The site’s constituents of concern were hazardous and non-hazardous lead (Pb), arsenic (As), and PAH-contaminated soils.

  • Worked closely with city officials, onsite consultants, and airport management to maintain compliance with all regulatory and FAA rules
  • Performed in-situ treatment and soil fixation of over 11,000 tons of hazardous lead-contaminated soil using Enviromag dosages ranging from 1% to 3% weight to weight
  • Excavated and loaded over 20,000 tons of treated and non-treated non-hazardous, contaminated soils to an approved off-site disposal facility


  • Dig and Haul
  • Soil Treatment and Stabilization
  • Landfill/Earthmoving

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