From 1980 to the fall of 1993, Tomco Wood Preserving used the property to pressure-treat wood products intended for exterior construction. In 1999 the presence of arsenic and chromium impacts in surface and subsurface soils were identified. In 2000, on-site buildings were demolished and a fence was erected around the facility. The Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP) accepted the Tomco application in May 2001. The remediation consisted of excavation along with in-situ EnviroBlend remediation. Soils not able to be treated were shipped to an off-site disposal facility. A total of 2,872 tons of arsenic and chromium containing soil and 116 tons of debris were excavated as part of the source removal operation. Groundwater was sampled for four (4) consecutive quarters it was determined that arsenic did not exceed acceptable risk levels. VRP issued formal closure to the site on April 25, 2003.

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