The Armour Road site was used for railroad herbicide manufacturing and blending from 1948 to 1986. Powdered arsenic (95% pure), monosodium arsenic, and various other chemicals were part of the herbicide production. Subsurface testing showed significant arsenic contamination in over 40,000 tons of soil. The EnviroBlend® team formulated site-specific treatment chemistry for the contaminated soil that was effective at low doses, saving the owner considerable off-site disposal costs.

Soil Arsenic Concentration, mg/kg EnviroBlend(R) Dosage, weight %

<2,000 1.15

2,000-5,000 1.75

5,000-15,000 2.3

Approximately 11,000 cubic yards of soil were initially treated at dosages ranging from 0.75% to 2.3% by weight. Table 1 provides a summary of full-scale treatability data on the initial soil stockpiles.

Table 1. Initial Full-scale Treatability Data Summary
Pre Treatment Post Treatment
Dose Total Arsenic TCLP Arsenic TCLP Arsenic
Range 0.75% – 2.30% 1,700 – 10,600 1.7 – 63.6 0.28 – 2.90
Median 1.25% 5,220 15.1 1.20
Mean 1.53% 5,450 20.7 1.32

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