EnviroBlend® is a trusted name across the nation for remedial heavy metals treatment applications in land and groundwater.

It has been used by a number of engineering and environmental consultants, contractors, and private owners on both large and small projects.

EnviroBlend® has been used to treat soil, groundwater, slag, sludge, glass waste, wood and many other types of wastes. It has been approved by numerous federal and state regulatory programs and has helped companies successfully treat waste below TCLP, SPLP and MEP leaching standards.

EnviroBlend® chemicals can be mixed with soil, sludge, or other metal-bearing material either in-place or after the material is excavated. The waste needs only a good homogenous mix with the treatment reagent by whichever means is convenient based on-site conditions.

There is no curing time and nothing needs to be added except the EnviroBlend itself. Contractors and consultants enjoy EnviroBlend’s ease of use since it saves on time and equipment costs. The stable, treated material can often be left on-site or disposed at a non-hazardous waste landfill.

EnviroBlend can be applied to:

In-Situ – excavators, deep soil augers, discs, and specialized mixing and dredging

Ex-Situ –  backhoes, front end loaders, pug mills

Injection– slurry form through a variety of methods

EnviroBlend is ideal for remedial applications including:

  • Brownfield
  • Superfund
  • RCRA
  • TSDF
  • Mine Tailings
  • Leachate
  • Shooting Range
  • Slag Disposal
  • Groundwater

Let us be your total treatment solution for long-term stability.

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