A secondary aluminum smelter in the US has found the use of EnviroBlend® for in-situ treatment of heavy metal wastes has allowed them to save cost on raw material inputs via the use of lower value scrap while still maintaining the metallurgical properties demanded by their customers.

The high cost of hazardous heavy metal waste disposal associated with the use of lower value aluminum scrap had been a disincentive for the smelter. Higher purity scrap had been the alternative until EnviroBlend use was investigated. EnviroBlend utilization with in-situ heavy metal treatment of furnace dust allowed for the use of less pure scrap without the added cost of hazardous waste generation and disposal. This allowed the smelter to dispose of the now non-hazardous waste in a local landfill thereby greatly reducing the costs of tipping fees.

The bulking of the waste stream with reagent addition was minimal. The cost of the minimally bulked waste disposal in a non-hazardous landfill was favored over the elimination of a costly hazardous waste alternative and the liabilities associated with its disposal in hazardous materials landfills.

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